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The History of Patyk Farms

Growing up in Morton Grove, IL, the grandson of a vegetable farmer, young John Patyk spent many weekends and summers in Walworth, WI. John enjoyed helping his grandparents on the farm and aspired to be just like his grandfather when he grew up. With his grandparents untimely deaths in 1985, the family sold the farm. Even without the guidance of his grandfather, John was determined to live out his dream. He worked long, hard hours with his landscaping business and his plumbing business to save money for farmland and implements.

Taking family vacations to her grandparents' place in Wisconsin, Myra appreciated being out in the beautiful country....away from the busier life in Skokie, IL. She dreamt of having a big backyard with lots of animals, especially puppies. Myra had the desire to help others, and worked as a teacher in schools, churches, and exercise facilities, and lastly part-time as a paramedic/fire fighter at local departments.  Myra then found herself eager for the best phase of her life....farming with her husband John and being a mommy to their Little Johnny. Now her vision of success in life is embracing all that farm life brings to the little Patyk family season after season.

At age 6, Johnny is growing into a fine, young farm boy! Although the workload on the farm is shared, Johnny enjoys helping Mommy in the greenhouse, market, and barns and helping Daddy plant, hoe, cultivate, and harvest in the field. At Johnny's request, Johnny & his Tiger Scout members will have their own garden to tend to this season.  Johnny is amazing with visitors....just make sure that everyone in your group has their barn boots on because Johnny will take your children for a tour around the farm, possibly on the Gator, and a run through the barn!

A small, red barn sitting atop a flat wagon first graced the front yard in July 2009. The family run farmstand is proud to sell homegrown vegetables, fruit and herbs, locally grown apples, and greenhouse goods. Farm fresh eggs are available throughout the year....the animals are here to stay! Last year we raised funds for needy organizations such as: Chiari Malformation/Syringomyelia and Cystic Fibrosis, with each month dedicated to a worthy organization. As we have been inspired by our friends who have children/family members with these special needs, we will continue to raise awareness & funds for them.

The Patyk's are excited to share the newest additions for the 2016 season: New barn kids and calves in our big red barn, handmade soap created with cow or goat milk and sensational succulents in our expanding greenhouse! 

We look forward to the yearly growth of our farm and to seeing newcomers, as well as our loyal customers, throughout each and every season..."for we are always rich in conversation with our wonderful friends!"

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